Working In Schools

We đŸ’– Sunset Park schools. We have ongoing partnerships with P.S. 24, 516, 971, 503, 172, 131, 169, St. Agatha School, and Charles Dewey. If you'd like to add your school to this list, please contact us. Each school receives a variety a services and support, including push-in classes, after school clubs, parent workshops, and teacher training around our core subjects: robotics, neuroscience, coding, and computer engineering.

Push-In Classes

We offer push-in classes for K-8, including dual language, ICT, and self-contained classes, in robotics, video game design, coding, and computer engineering. Our classes draw from a variety of influences to bring high quality, creative, and culturally aware lessons and activities to every level of learner. Making sure every student receives creative technology classes is important to us, so when we partner with schools, we work with entire grade levels, including self-contained classes.

Teacher Training

Teachers are an important part our mission by helping us expand the reach of our work in Sunset Park. Our professional development workshops provide teachers with the skills needed to design and implement their own lessons in robotics, coding, or computer engineering. We focus on hands-on, classroom-ready skills and strategies based on our own classroom experiences. Based on our post-workshop surveys, 98% of teachers would recommend our training to their colleagues and feel "fun and creative" while learning from us.


We started our first robotics club at P.S. 24 eight years ago. Currently, we offer clubs in robotics, video game design, and fashion technology. Like our classes, our clubs provide students with creative and culturally aware projects for learning more about robotics, coding, and computer engineering. Many of our clubs also hold public events in the form on a competition or expo for students to show off their projects to families and friends in the community. Previous events include sumo robots, robot pet show, music bots, and robo olympics. If you'd like to see one of our clubs in action, contact us to schedule a visit to one of our robotics clubs at P.S. 24.

Parent Workshops

As parents ourselves, we know how important it is to engage parents in support of education. We run parents workshops in coding, robotics, and neuroscience in English and Spanish. Our coding and robotics classes help parents code and build with their kids at home. Our neuroscience workshops focus on age-aware brain development,teaching parents about how diet, sleep, and exercise affect their child's growing brain. Additional workshops teach parents about cognitive milestones, including the development of language and math skills and the adolescent brain, with a focus on the current ages of their children.